‘We are learning’, they launch a campaign to prevent family violence

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The objective of Comunidad Alumbra is to contribute to the prevention of family violence in the context of the health emergency caused by Covid-19.

The Alumbra Community launched the digital campaign “We are Learning” and launched a free line of psychological counseling at the national level, with the aim of contributing to the prevention of family violence in the context of the health emergency caused by Covid-19, especially when it is carried out against children and adolescents.

During the last months, civil society organizations, government institutions, researchers and international agencies participating in this initiative, have adopted this type of actions aware that the current moment not only requires making visible the problems that we may face as a society, but generate positive and comprehensive initiatives that help solve them.

“We not only created these informative tools and personalized attention to the population in vulnerable conditions, this time we are betting on meeting the people who need the most attention and support,” added Annayancy Varas, general director of the Early Institute, think Mexican tank specialized in early childhood, promoter of the Alumbra Community.

In the process of facing the “new normal” -including the consequences generated by the contingency-, we can all learn, have more elements to improve coexistence and learn about measures to prevent violence. That’s the spirit that drives so much “We are Learning” as the psychological support line.

It is a digital campaign whose purpose is to encourage citizens -mainly mothers, fathers or anyone in charge of caring for children and adolescents- to generate non-violent environments, through family challenges and access to assertive messages that make us reflect on the physical and psychological consequences of violence.

Through striking digital content, clear language, information validated by professionals from various areas and innovative proposals for family interaction, the campaign seeks to sensitize the population of the importance of dstop being “the country of the flip-flop”, that in dialogue with girls and boys we are not permanently in “airplane mode”, and that communication, empathy and trust building do make it possible to live in “family mode”.

As regards the Alumbra call-center, it seeks to reach the population in a situation of violence or affected by stress, anxiety, tension and other types of emotional burdens that have increased during the period of social distancing, so that they are attended in a personalized way and with the necessary follow-up according to their particular situation.

“This line is not just another tool, but a space where people who have suffered violence, especially our children and adolescents, can receive effective, specialized and free help. Our collective responsibility as a society is to ensure that violence is not part of its present or its future, its protection must go beyond the seasons, ”explained Annayancy Varas.

On the phone (55) 88 54 66 53, duly trained personnel, as well as a large group of clinical psychologists specialized in the care, containment and support for victims of violence, will help all those who require it.

Also, the director general of the Early Institute stressed that this line will offer psychological advice to health professionals who live under strong pressures derived from their work in front of the Covid-19, as a way of corresponding everything they have done day by day to help other people.

To learn more about “We are learning” and the psychological support line, check out the site somosparendiendo.com

Let’s learn together to manage this situation, improve family life, cope with confinement and prevent violence at home. #We are learning

Posted by Alumbramx on Friday, May 29, 2020

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